An idea whose time has finally come.

Put all the memes as comments, upvote your favourites, this is a more public place than others so consider that while selecting memes.

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[Meta] A bunch of my screen looks like this - not sure if anyone else having the same issue

None of these images are showing up for me. They're giving a 410 Gone error.

This reguarly happens to me on the forum.

All of the memes I've posted here were made by the same person, it's convenient because they're already on my hard drive in the same place.

A meme template so that anyone can make a meme about the kind of timeline we're currently on:
(note: any meme can become a decent empty template if you use photoshop/jspaint/befunky to insert an image of any white rectangle) 

These are all made by the same person, and I'm uploading them from my hard drive because they were already there.

These aren't exactly memes, but here are a few images I generated in Craiyon involving EA-related topics.

What I'm getting is we need to either clean up trash, or move Louisiana into southern Texas.

Hmmm. Thought provoking