Hi everyone,

I wanted to introduce the EA Medicine Network to this forum, aimed at helping people working in or planning to work in health related fields to connect with each other and maximise the impact of their careers, donations and voluntary work.

While we’re currently named EA Medicine, we aim to cater to a wide variety of professions including nurses, pharmacists, doctors, students, health economists, biomedical researchers and global health researchers etc, and we’re open to changing name if we can find a word that better encapsulates all of these fields.

I think that people working in these fields might be particularly likely to engage with EA ideas since many had altruistic motivations to enter their careers, and many will already be familiar with or interested in things like QALYs, RCTs, pandemics and global health charities.


If you’d like to get involved, you can: 

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I look forward to connecting with you!

Sanjush (Publicity and Outreach)


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This is really exciting! Could you share what kinds kinds of events or projects you have planned?

Thank you! We most recently had an event with speakers generally discussing high-impact paths related to medicine. We've recently recruited event planners so we haven't started planning new events yet, but we're open to suggestions! We're also hoping to have an in-person meetup around July 2022.

We can also explore hybrid in-person/online meetups. Gather Town seems to be a decent platform for this. If you are interested, some folks at Complexity Weekend are exploring this space!

I'm excited for future joint events between EA Medicine and EA Mental Health