The EA Holiday Calendar

by Aaron Gertler1 min read30th Jul 20194 comments



Update (3/15/20): I haven't heard much interest about this project in general, and I don't think my list of events is being used by many (if any) groups. Therefore, I'm not planning to update the calendar going forward, though I'll leave the current version available.

A year ago, I created an early version of an "EA Calendar" -- a Google Calendar featuring events that are relevant to the wider EA community.

My goal is for the calendar to cover events and holidays that a wide range of EA groups could celebrate (like Petrov Day).

There may be other things that such a calendar should include, like conferences or tax deadlines, but before I do the work of handling all that, I wanted to gauge whether people think such a resource would even be valuable, whether it would be better to maintain elsewhere, and so on.

If you know of an event which you think would fit, and want me to add it to the calendar, please add a comment to this post or send me an email.

If you'd like to add the EA Calendar to your own GCal, here's the link.

If you don't use GCal, you can still use the "agenda" mode at that link to see upcoming events. (There are also lots of online tools for syncing GCal and other calendars.)

Finally, if you have any other suggestions to improve the calendar's usefulness, I'd love to hear them!

Events currently marked on the calendar (as of 30 July 2019):

Note: Holidays that change their dates annually may not have been updated recently; I'll get to them before the next holiday on the calendar rolls around.

Days I'm considering:

  • Birthdays of living people (e.g. Peter Singer), though that seems much odder than celebrating the birthday of a non-living person
  • Holocaust Remembrance Day (not so much because it's about a horrible event as because it's the closest thing I could find to a holiday honoring the Righteous Among the Nations)