Hi everyone,

I'm starting an effective altruism newsletter. I myself try to read all the blogs and updates coming from various effective altruism sources, as a matter of habit. I notice between charity evaluators and meta-charities, think tanks and research organizations, and top charities across all favored cause areas, there are over 20 sources and websites to check out. 

To keep tabs on all this, I've set up an Effective Altruism Newsletter.

  • You receive a newsletter up to once per week.
  • The newsletter will include updates on all posts to this forum exceeding 10 upvotes, as well as major announcements from all organizations associated with effective altruism.
  • Your email will be kept anonymous, you can unsubscribe at any time, and you're welcome to make suggestions for content.

 If you're interested in what it would be like, the sample newsletter for this week can be found here:


You can sign up by sending an email with "Subscribe" in the subject line to effectivealtruismnews@gmail.com

I'm hoping to set a Mailchimp system for the newsletter in a week or two, as well as an RSS Feed. In the next several weeks, I intend to set up RSS Feeds or mailing lists for specific cause areas, such as:

  • Traditional Philanthropy and Global Aid: poverty reduction, and public health initiatives, in developing countries around the world.
  • Animal Welfare: updates on effective altruism regarding animal welfare/rights, including focuses upon wild-animal suffering, factory-farming, and innovations in animal activism.
  • Global Risks and Policy: work related to global catastrophic and existential risks, and how to mitigate them, including risks from machine intelligence and the future of humanity.
  • Research, Strategy and Breakthroughs: focused upon major research generally related to effective altruism, such as updates from the Centre for Effective Altruism and its various offshoots; and Givewell and the Open Philanthropy Project. This would also include announcements of successes and updates from organizations which would be considered monumental.

If you would like to wait until the email subscription system is improved, or a general or cause-specific RSS Feed, please still send an email to effectivealtruismnews@gmail.com. Let me know what you're interested in following or subscribing to. Then, I'll ensure your on that list when it gets started, and I'll notify you about it.






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Thanks so much Evan, Harvard EA will greatly appreciate that. I've been planning on doing something like that for our semi-involved members but never got around to actually doing that.

Update: There is so much content this week that I may save some content for next week. The newsletter for this week will also be posted on this forum by Wednesday. No RSS feeds available yet.

This would save me enough time that I'd happily pay £s per newsletter! Thanks so much for offering to put this together.

That sounds like a neat idea! Could you also post the newsletters here? My news-reading methodology relies on feeds (Atom and RSS), so it’s easier for me to follow the feed of this board, but I don’t want to miss anything you write in the newsletters either.

I’m also running a newsletter with Mailchimp, and emails with the two-column layout reliably got spam-filtered by Gmail, just in case you were considering it.

The newsletter I send out in emails could be considered an abridged version, as there are minutiae and minor updates from other blogs and organizations which I don't include. I was thinking if I published the newsletter on this forum, I would include those as well. I'm not sure. However, I'd put major links first anyway. I'll start doing this next week.

It seems good to me to post it here.

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