For Future is a platform to discover and back ventures addressing humanity’s existential risks (e.g. climate change, AI safety, biohacking) by contributing your talent/money/time. It's like a crowdsourcing x crowdfunding online classifieds. 

We’re trying to see whether people and existential risk ventures are interested in what we’re building and how we can improve. So far, we’ve validated interest from 9 ventures (incl. Helios, SkyCool Systems, Paragon SDC). Now, we’re looking to gauge people’s interest in contributing to these ventures.

How you can help

  • Sign up on our landing page
  • Let us know your feedback (comment below or email us at
  • Share our landing page with your network

We're also hiring for these roles:

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Why are bio-related ventures called 'bio-hacking' in the posts and google forms? I understand that term to mean DIY biologists or people experimenting on their own bodies. That's pretty different to biosecurity/health security/pandemic preparedness or whatever other term for biorisk.


  1. How do you vet the companies that you aim to back?
    1. Do you have specific companies you recommend?
      1. You said "we’ve validated interest from 9 ventures". Did you vet these ventures somehow?
    2. I clicked "Discover" in your website and got a broken link
  2. Regarding your hiring:
    1. Seems to me like the stage of "product market fit", not "growth", no?
    2. Before you hire a visual storyteller, I'd vote writing [the thing you want a visual story teller for] as text. And, as you're doing here, ask for reviews about it

What do you think?

[I find myself saying lots of things I think are missing, but I'm saying this in the tone of trying to be helfpul. Also, I see you scheduled with me for tomorrow]