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For Future is a platform to discover and back ventures addressing humanity’s existential risks (e.g. climate change, AI safety, biohacking) by contributing your talent/money/time. It's like a crowdsourcing x crowdfunding online classifieds. 

We’re trying to see whether people and existential risk ventures are interested in what we’re building and how we can improve. So far, we’ve validated interest from 9 ventures (incl. Helios, SkyCool Systems, Paragon SDC). Now, we’re looking to gauge people’s interest in contributing to these ventures.

How you can help

  • Sign up on our landing page
  • Let us know your feedback (comment below or email us at ruby@forfuture.ventures)
  • Share our landing page with your network

We're also hiring for these roles:




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  1. How do you vet the companies that you aim to back?
    1. Do you have specific companies you recommend?
      1. You said "we’ve validated interest from 9 ventures". Did you vet these ventures somehow?
    2. I clicked "Discover" in your website and got a broken link
  2. Regarding your hiring:
    1. Seems to me like the stage of "product market fit", not "growth", no?
    2. Before you hire a visual storyteller, I'd vote writing [the thing you want a visual story teller for] as text. And, as you're doing here, ask for reviews about it

What do you think?

[I find myself saying lots of things I think are missing, but I'm saying this in the tone of trying to be helfpul. Also, I see you scheduled with me for tomorrow]

Why are bio-related ventures called 'bio-hacking' in the posts and google forms? I understand that term to mean DIY biologists or people experimenting on their own bodies. That's pretty different to biosecurity/health security/pandemic preparedness or whatever other term for biorisk.

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