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I'm curious which movies you've seen that have been effective at broadening which kinds of people, animals, or other sentient beings you've considered worth including in your 'moral circle' of concern -- especially movies that are congruent with EA-style reasoning (e.g. scope-sensitive consequentialism), rather than just emotional manipulation through provoking empathy for specific individuals.




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The Dominion documentary helped me viscerally grasp the importance of farmed animal welfare:


Hotel Rowanda, Schlinder's list, and blood diamonds were all influential in increasing my moral seriousness as a teen

Our local EA group just watched this for a movie night this weekend. Inspiring movie. (We watched the 2010 version available on YouTube here). 

I'm not sure about the level of EA congruence, but Lord of War helped me understand the effect of the small arms trade on people in sub-saharan Africa, which I didn't previously know about.

Not movies, but watching Star Trek as a teenager strongly influenced my views towards non-humans. 

While the focus is typically on attitudes towards biological aliens, a couple of episodes are centred around the rights of artificial intelligence: The classic Next Generation episode 'The Measure of a Man', and Voyager episode 'Author, Author'. Though they both focus on specific individuals (namely Data, and The Doctor) they do touch on broader consequences and reasoning.

The movie Joker makes a good case that many criminals are created by circumstances, like mental illness, abuse and lack of support from society and other people. I still believe in some form of free will and moral responsibility of an individual, but criminals are also to some extent just unlucky.

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