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I'm grateful you shared this since it's probably interesting to the community, but flagging I'm a little nervous about the EA Forum filling up with cross-posts from X. I think that would make it less interesting and unique.

I share your concern.

The main reason I share some Twitter links is that I think they're relevant (this seems to be confirmed by the positive votes). 

Deciding which big lab to join is a very important decision that many EAs are making.

(Personally, I often find myself going to Twitter because there are very relevant news updates regarding AI safety that aren't shared in the forum)

I agree that upvotes are an update that the content was useful and that might mean I'm just off here.

I guess I think relevancy or interest isn't the only thing we should be tracking; I think the forum adds value because, unlike Twitter, the posts and replies here are usually more thoughtful and more carefully investigated. To put it another way, if I just wanted relevant news and updates, I'd go to Twitter. Here, I'd hope for more commentary (e.g. "Jan has joined Anthropic. Here are some thoughts I have about this and how they might be relevant for EAs deciding which lab to join"). 

I'm not saying you personally should have done this and, again, I am grateful you made the effort to share this.

Totally agree!

I would love to read a thoughtful analysis (I'm not qualified to do it).

My main question is: "Should EAs still try to join OpenAI?" (80,000 Hours is still recommending it)

I think, at this point, EAs (including 80k Hours) publicly boycotting OpenAI, and refusing to work there, and explaining why, clearly and forcefully, would do a lot more good than trying to work there and nudge them from the inside towards not imposing X risks on humanity. 

Maybe there should be a separate space for "relevant EA news"? So that EAs don't have to ~waste time on Twitter to be up to date.

Personally, I wish it existed.

A potential solution would be for the forum to have a tag called something like "News" and then with the "Customize feed" feature let people choose between hide/reduce/default.

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Appreciate the suggestion! Just wanted to mention that this already exists - users can add the "News relevant to effective altruism" topic to posts, and they can change how posts in this topic are weighted in their frontpage list.

Oh, sorry! I literally searched for "News" but didn't see it 🤦🤦


Great minds! :)

You might like David Nash's Monthly Overload of Effective Altruism.

It has a combination of forum/EA org updates and relevant news.

I can also recommend Shakeel's Transformer newsletter for AI-specific news.

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