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Just gauging interest as I have a few potential documentary opportunities which can get funding if I can organise logistics. Express interest in this thread, outline your rationale for being part of an EA documentary and where you’re located.

Even if the projects with me don’t work out, I’ll keep you in mind for other potential EA documentaries, as I believe there will be a substantial increase in their production!




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Hi! I'm interested in hearing more about this work. 

I'm a documentarian currently co-directing a miniseries about high-impact interventions made by individuals and groups working on pandemic relief, such as Tomas Pueyo and the COVID Tracking Project. It's a way of discussing EA ideas in the context of a widely known cause area. We also received funding from EA grantmakers; I can probably at least advise on logistics, and may be able to do more.

Shoot me an email! rachel@rachelshu.com

I'd be very excited to see a collaboration here! 

Hello! I am Joey Carol, a first-year at Haverford College just outside of Philadelphia, and I am most definitely interested in participating to create an EA documentary! 

While I am not working on any documentaries at the moment, I developed a sincere passion for the art and received a solid exposure to the production of documentaries and mini-films during high school. In 8th and 11th grade I produced documentaries for the annual National History Day competition. Additionally, I created several short films and even had some exposure to animation while I was in high school.

After completing the intro EA fellowship last semester I was looking for ways to continue interacting with the EA community. While producing a film was at the top of my list, I do not currently have the resources to do so. Instead, I am now part of the EA leadership group on campus, but I would still really like to do filmmaking if possible!

My email is jcarol@haverford.edu. Please reach out if you'd like! Thanks for posting.

Hi! I'm Jack and I'm based in London.

I'm currently directing a documentary about farmed animal suffering and slaughterhouse workers, but the logline is more like, 'Son of a slaughterhouse worker uncovers the shocking trauma experienced by slaughterhouse workers, and the ones they kill."

It would be great to connect. I have a trailer and a pitch-deck I can share with you if you would like to learn more about my project. My email is jack@humanehancock.com

Hi! We just wrote a post on EA documentaries so would be interested to hear more about your thoughts on it and discuss further: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/rF7D78va9pf3mtHFh/should-we-produce-more-ea-related-documentaries-1

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What would the documentary be about?

There’s a potential to have the Charity Entrepreneurship Incubator program documented from the perspective of the participants. I’m currently in one of the last rounds and if I do go through I’ll see if the CE team like the documentary idea. I figured it would be helpful to have some EA document it’s involved if that goes through (if I don’t get in, I still intend on passing this idea into the CE team and any expressions of interest from EA documenters).

However this is just a convenient potential documentary given the incubator is starting soon. I’m currently writing a book about neartermist strategies in EA and thought documenting my testing of them would help engage EA members who align with Neartermism rather than Longtermism. But as a new avenue entirely, I think someone needs to get the ball rolling on EA documentaries and I figured there must be some eager EA documenters who want to express interest.

All of this is to say this isn’t a sure-fire project, but any documentary makers (or staff therein) who do express interest will get brought up as potential candidates during conversations about EA documentaries (these conversations are certain to happen but gauging interest seemed to be a good first step).

Also, your charity is an inspiration, thank you for being part of the global solution, Peter!

I unfortunately don't have any relevant experience, but I like this idea.

It could be interesting to have a short documentary about the community, especially what motivates us. With all our quirks, I think our intense desire to make the world a better place is pretty wholesome and loveable – or at least I feel that about my fellow EAs :) I'd like to see snapshots of how people turn that desire into action, and how the community as a whole fosters it. 

It could also be powerful to see people talk about what they find difficult about EA or longtermism and address some of the possible critiques people may have in a very personal way. (Interviews like those in Habiba's Twitter thread come to mind!)

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