CAISH is looking for reading group facilitators for our AI Safety Policy Fellowship running this Lent term in Cambridge UK. This is a 6-week reading group on the foundational policy and governance issues posed by the development of advanced AI systems, including AI-induced explosive growth, preventing dangerous AI proliferation, compute governance etc (see syllabus).

  • The fellowship will start on the week of 5th Feb and end on the week of 11th Mar. Participants will meet in reading cohorts of 5-8 weekly on a day/time of your choosing in our Meridian office.
  • We expect the facilitator to be knowledgeable about the materials and ideally have past teaching/facilitation experiences. During the reading group, we expect the facilitator to answer questions about the materials & engage in lively discussions with the students.
  • Our past participants are a mixture of undergrads and graduate students at Cambridge (e.g. MPhil students in AI Ethics/Tech Policy, grad/undergrad students in law/HPSP/Econs, and some students with technical AI backgrounds).
  • The time commitment is 2 hours/week for 6 weeks of paid facilitation with dinner provided.
  • We prefer Cambridge-based facilitators, but can accept remote facilitation.




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This seems like a great opportunity. It is now live on the EA Opportunity Board!

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