EA Cameroon - COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention in the Santa Division of Cameroon Project Proposal

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September 21 update:

The Santa Division has been under lockdown for two weeks, since September 7. No cars or motorcycles are permitted to operate. The project will continue when the restrictions are lifted.


September 6 update:

EA Cameroon collected baseline data and is looking to start campaigning this week. If you are interested in working with us on baseline data analysis (Excel), please comment on this post or let Bara know via the EA Forum.


August 23 update:

The radio show in the seven (added one) locally-spoken languages...

... has been recorded.

We are waiting for the conclusion of baseline surveys to start broadcasting the show. Further project updates will follow.


August 14 update:

The funds were processed. We will update with baseline data and other project particulars once these are available.


August 7 update:

We are waiting for funds processing at the Cameroonian bank headquarters. We will update when the funds can be collected and the project can start.


July 25 update:

We (at least temporarily) stopped fundraising. Based on the raised amount USD 3,650 (after the GoFundMe 2.9% + $0.3/transaction processing fee, including a USD 640 bank-transfer donation), we updated the tentative budget:



After one month, we will estimate the cost-effectiveness of the campaign and compare it to that of the DMI's COVID-19 program. If the cost-effectiveness may be comparable, we will see if we can meet any remaining project needs with the remaining funds (USD 1,040, or 28% of the currently available amount), if we require further funding, or if campaign should be extended to other areas. If DMI's program is more cost-effective, we will inquire funders of the remaining amount about further steps.

Currently, newspaper poster & flyer graphics are finalized, radio show transcript is almost finalized, detailed information about COVID-19 preventive measures for community leaders can be shared in its current form, and M&E baseline and midline questionnaires are drafted.

Feel free to comment on any of this material.

We are waiting for bank transfer processing. Ideally, we would like to start the program at the end of next week.


July 9 update:

The Development Media International's COVID-19 prevention campaign (28:52) uses, marginally, about USD 0.017/person informed. The cost per life saved is between $50 and $1,000 (31:55–32:20). In comparison, EA Cameroon's cost is USD 0.0283/person. However, EACAM adds personal delivery of informational flyers to local community leaders, workshops on making own masks, and newspaper articles. Also, if only some of the activities to inform the Santa community are selected, the cost/person will decrease. Thus, donating to EA Cameroon for the COVID-19 prevention campaign may be the most cost-effective way to provide a quality life that is currently available.

Counterarguments: However, newspaper articles may already exist (as per EACAM, none on prevention), flyers may be too few (if shared in-person while talking with local community leaders, the flyers may be well regarded), and workshops may be better run via radio (it may be difficult to explain what piece of fabric to put where, videocalls are not possible because of very low smartphone/computer use).


deliberate carefully, potentially donate now

Use the GoFundMe link above or message brb243 if you wish to donate via a US or EU bank transfer or an international transfer to Cameroon.

--> Also, please, do let us know why you choose to support any parts of this project or to refrain from doing so. Also, please tell us if we can help even more cost-effectively. We can possibly make it happen.



EA Cameroon aims to inform 180,000 individuals in the Santa Division of Cameroon about COVID-19 and its prevention measures. Since virtually no prevention information has been shared so far, we aim to reduce new coronavirus cases 35×. For 4 months, we plan to run 3 talk shows in local languages per week, post one infographic article in local newspaper per week, distribute 1,000 flyers to local community leaders, and run 2 workshops on making own masks.

We have radio talk show experience, infographic writing skills, community connections, organizational expertise, and relevant linguistic knowledge. The only thing that is missing is funding.

We require USD 5,090 (USD 0.0283/person) to manage all of these prevention measures. This includes all costs and overhead.

Please donate now via GoFundMe, or message brb243 for US and EU banking details. Let us know regarding any possible support (for particular activities or otherwise) or feedback in the comments below, at ea.cam@yahoo.com or call Alex at +237652263908. We will appreciate any prompt responses since in Cameroon, coronavirus cases are increasing at the second highest rate in Africa (after South Africa).



Project details

EA Cameroon plans to inform 180,000 individuals in the Santa Division of Cameroon about COVID-19 and its prevention measures. We aim to reduce new coronavirus cases 35× (https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/05/15/social-distancing-study-coronavirus-spread/).

We (core EA Cameroon and trusted community volunteers) plan to manage these 4 activities for 4 months:

· Run 3 30-min radio talk shows per week in local dialects, Pidgin English, and English.

· Write weekly COVID-19 situation update and prevention reminders in local newspapers.

· In-person distribute 1,000 flyers to trusted village leaders while raising their awareness of COVID-19 and talking to them about effective prevention measures that they can share with their communities. We will trek to several communities because of poor conditions or the absence of roads.

· Run 2 workshops on making own masks while maximizing social distancing.

At the time of submission of this proposal, none of these four measures took place in the Santa Division. Social distancing has not increased: people are crowded in the markets, at local njangi (associations), shops, funerals, etc. Only one in five wears a mask. Further, citizens hesitate to trust government statistics on the disease.

Concurrently, COVID-19 cases in Cameroon are increasing at the second highest rate in Africa (after South Africa), with regards to daily surge. On July 6, 2020, Cameroon has confirmed 13,711 cases. The death toll from the virus rose to 328 after 22 more patients died in the last 24 hours. 11,114 patients are currently recovering. The Santa Division has confirmed 720 cases, 350 recoveries, and 28 deaths.

We propose to leverage existing human and information infrastructure resources to reverse the trends in the spread of COVID-19 in the Santa Division of Cameroon (villages Akum, Meforbe, Santa, Pinyin, Njong, Bamock, and Mbei).


Our Track Record

EA Cameroon comprises experts from various fields who are caring, loving, and aimed at doing good to humanity and the environment. Since 2017, we have been assisting the poorest members of the Santa Division’s rural communities to meet their various needs. With little available resources and extensive local knowledge, we maximize our operational cost-effectiveness, responding to the greatest and most neglected needs.

Relevantly to the proposed project, last month, we distributed 180 masks to people in 4 communities. Recipients are wearing them. Unfortunately, most persons had to be turned down because of the mask shortage. Thus, running workshops on making own masks from available materials may be more suitable in Santa.

In the past, we run radio talk shows on climate change, children’s rights, and gender equality. Our members speak many of the local dialects and can organize translation into languages that we do not speak. We will be delighted to share WHO Africa’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations with our friends who shall be happy to hear from us again.

Additionally, we can make COVID-19 prevention infographics for local newspapers, publishing them as ads. We can adjust these as flyers that we plan to bring to and talk about with village leaders that we meet through our connections.

Traditionally, we have relied on local sources and volunteer commitments to run our activities, building on existing community assets to improve the community life. However, the COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention project requires external support. Since other actors are not likely to step in at this point of the local coronavirus spread, or at all in remote villages, we offer a great opportunity for making cost-effective impact in COVID-19 prevention.


Other Team Members

[July 21, 2020 edit] In addition, Bara Hanzalova (brb243), an EA volunteer with 8 years of international development work and study experience, is supporting this project online.

[July 26, 2020 edit] Pim, an instructional designer, is working on the graphic design.

[August 7, 2020 edit] Malvya Chintakindi and Sayak Khatua of 3ie are consulting on impact evaluation.


Proposed budget



Contact details

E-mail: ea.cam@yahoo.com

Phone: +237652263908 (Alex Gwanvalla, EA Cameroon organizer)

Please contact us anytime (or comment below) with any collaboration offers or/and feedback on our activities. We welcome any support, for particular measures or otherwise.