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I’ve started a podcast called the Most Interesting People I Know, featuring interviews on science, ethics, and (mostly) politics (found under that name or “Garrison Lovely” wherever you find podcasts). I've released episodes with Chloe Cockburn from Open Phil and Spencer Greenberg, and have one scheduled with Leah Garces to discuss her book on campaigns to improve the welfare of farmed chickens (Grilled, out Sept 3rd).

Episode link: http://bit.ly/2KCmFQg

Unsurprisingly, Lewis was a great guest. For those who don't know, he leads the Open Philanthropy Project’s strategy for farm animal welfare. He directs roughly $30M in grants annually to nonprofits working to reduce suffering of farmed animals around the world. By virtue of his position, Lewis has deep insight into the state of the farmed animal welfare movement, which we get into in some detail.

We specifically cover: Open Philanthropy’s approach to ending factory farming, the scale, tractability, and neglectedness of factory farming, the transition to plant based meat alternatives, the hierarchy of suffering per calorie, whether you have to be a vegan to be an animal activist, the advocacy campaigns that Open Philanthropy is supporting, America’s role in defending factory farming worldwide, whether factory farming is efficient, whether we need to end capitalism to end factory farming, the psychological challenge of seeing the horror of factory farming in everyday life, undercover farm investigations, civil disobedience and violence in fighting for animal rights, the ethics of pursuing corporate campaigns, criticisms of Open Phil's approach to farmed animal welfare, and, of course, how you can get involved.

Unfortunately, there are some audio issues with this episode- Macbook Airs are the bane of my existence. Otherwise, I think this was a great conversation. Lewis is a world-class expert on this topic, and his passion for the cause is clear.

Any feedback on the show and guest suggestions are welcome!

Show notes:


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