• The BBC has a new vertical focusing on the long view of humanity - starting with an article on the perils of short-termism

• Why time capping might be able to increase how productive you are

• A post looking at using 'limiting factor' rather than scale when evaluating which causes to prioritise

• 80,000 Hours with a podcast looking at whether politics is becoming more polarised and populist

• An overview of how EA Giving Tuesday went, with £356,000 (65%) of £546,000 donations matched

• Explainer posts on what GiveWell recommended charities Helen Keller International and Malaria Consortium do

• An overview of cause areas supported by people who filled out the 2018 EA survey

• Wild Animal Initiative is announced as a merger between Wild-Animal Suffering Research and Utility Farm

• Why some campaigns to stop child marriage can backfire

• A post on why it may make sense not to go to university if you want to have impact

• Ezra Klein interviewing Bruce Friedrich from GFI on the future of animal farming

• There is a $1000 prize for coming up with a title for Toby Ord's new book on existential risk. Closes 15th February

• An overview of Google AI research in 2018, including flood protection, ethical AI, detecting diseased plants, health prediction and a new research office in Ghana

• Applications for the long-term future fund are open until the 7th of February

• A Vox article on why some people are worried about harms caused by AI

• An article on how microcredit hasn't lifted people out of poverty, but may have other benefits

• Bill Gates on lessons from 2018, including epidemic responses and the end of Polio

• 4 ways that natural phenomena could wipe out humanity

• A post which has summarised over 400 potentially cost effective global interventions in mental health

• A blog on how 'what works' government teams from around the world are approaching the task of increasing the amount of experiments and evaluations that governments do

• Emergent Ventures is looking to fund projects on "advancing humane solutions to those facing adversity – based on tolerance, universality, and cooperative processes"

• A list of job boards for careers in EA and international development areas

• An individual's post publicly pledging their donations and goals for 2019

• An updated list of AI safety resources

• An article in the Financial Times looking at donating to animal charities from an EA perspective

• A curated list of potential EA projects and meta charities

• A post on the case for animal focused local EA movement building

• A list of EA organisation funding gaps

• A review of how well DIFD has used its position as a major donor to improve the value for money and effectiveness of humanitarian aid spent through UN agencies

• CEDIL with a post arguing that the limits of RCT generalisability are overstated

• FHI have a new paper looking at U.S. public attitudes towards AI

• Open Phil made 5 grants in December, with $330,000 for criminal justice reform and $33,000 for biosecurity

• The importance of knowing you might be wrong - a Vox explainer of intellectual humility

• A podcast on why some scientific reform movements succeed and others fail (26:00)

• David Roodman on why studies should be reanalysed, not just replicated

• Our World in Data are looking for recommendations on metrics to include in their new country profiles

• A philosophy paper claiming that EA focuses too much on the efficiency aspect of effectiveness

• A "Starter kit to change the world" with 300+ book, podcast and website recommendations

• Charity Science with a post on why charities sometimes have other, unsaid goals

• An article in Nature looking at how scientists are turning to crowdfunding for their research

• A briefing paper from a global policy watchdog on how policy makers should interpret effective altruism and the risks of doing so

• Clearer Thinking have a decision tool to help make an important life decision

• Effective altruism in media & blogs - NPR podcast on Evidence Action, a history of EA from Newsroom New Zealand, Jacy Reese looking at PETA in Quillette, Abdullah on why they give 1% for humanity, Jessica Almy writing about clean meat in Newsweek

• In a good news roundup Ethiopia has given almost 1 million refugees the right to work, the number of children dying each year has gone down by more than 2 million since 2007 and the Iowa Ag-Gag law has been struck down as unconstitutional, the state in America with the biggest production of pigs and egg laying hens 





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Emergent Ventures is looking to fund projects on "advancing humane solutions to those facing adversity – based on tolerance, universality, and cooperative processes"

Recommend shooting Tyler Cowen an email checking about the chances for your idea before submitting an app. He's pretty responsive to email & there are areas Emergent Ventures almost certainly won't fund, so checking first can save a bunch of time.

I'm surprised and impressed by that BBC vertical! I wonder how much their sense of "long term" will overlap with the sense used in EA. It seems the Vox vertical on EA has needed to churn out so much content that they tend to include material that I don't see as a great fit for the theme. I hope BBC will be more relaxed about the quantity of material they need to produce, so that the material can be more on-topic.


Does anyone know how the BCC vertical came about?

Does it have any direct connection with EA?

The author has a tweet about what inspired the piece

The Long Time project

Seth Baum at GCR

Nick Beckstead

Toby Ord and FHI

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