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Best thing at EAG SF 2019?

by G Gordon Worley III1 min read24th Jun 20192 comments



There are many ways to ask this question, but as the attendees return to our normal lives from the chaos of the conference, I thought it would be interesting to reflect for those who attended and to share with those who didn't.

So, what was the best thing (meeting, session, conversation, thought, etc.) you experienced at EA Global SF 2019?

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2 Answers

I attended only 1 talk aside from the opening and closing session. I filled up most of my time with (a) meetings and office hours with specific goals, (b) conversations with random people, and (c) time to myself. This strategy worked well for me and I'll probably make it a point to attend 0 talks next year.

Through the planned meetings I had, I learned more about (a) career decisions, specifically infosec careers in GCR (b) how to run EA Giving Tuesday better, and (c) prioritizing causes better.

I'll go ahead and give an answer to get us started.

The best thing for me was discovering that there is a way I can take an idea I had a while ago and apply it within the framework of iterated amplification to likely make the idea both more relatable and more useful in the nearer term. This discovery came thanks to one of the one-on-one meetings I scheduled via the network feature of the conference app and that conversation leading to a mutual realization that this idea might have new legs via iterated amplification. I think it is unlikely I would have figured that out without the conversation facilitated by the networking features of the app!