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This post is an introduction to resources at the intersection of EA and the practice or study of Law for anyone interested.


This list was last updated on December 15th, 2022.

This list is compiled to the best of my knowledge but is by no means exhaustive. Please comment with any you know!

I exclude resources about policy work since most of that work can be done without a law degree. 

I exclude resources where Law is not their primary focus, even if Law is instrumental to that cause’s realization (e.g., Open Phil requiring In-House counsel, the Nuclear Disarmament Movement, the Democracy Defense Fund). 

I place resources where Governance is their primary focus in a separate topic. I limited the number of organizations working in governance since lawyers’ added value is highly organization-dependent and cause-dependent. I did not want to break down that analysis here. 

Study and Practice of Law 

EA Forum Topics (with at least two posts)

EA-Aligned Organizations

Study and Practice of Governance

EA Forum Topics (with at least two posts)

EA-Aligned Organizations

Student and Student Group Resources

On Law School and Careers in Law

Law Schools with an EA Program

In-Person and Virtual Programs

Other Communities

Many groups listed above have listservs, and some have public Slack or Discord channels. Please feel free to dig into those that interest you more!

Where EA x Law is Heading

This list is only an introduction - please add your favourites in the comments section!

Animal Welfare

Artificial Intelligence



Other resources





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