Several EA-oriented lawyers are researching the usefulness of, and potential operating models for, providing legal support to the EA and longtermist communities. I sought feedback via the EA Forum in March 2022. Since then, we've spoken with a fairly large set of people (from EA orgs, and also from pro-bono lawyers). We know that we'll have missed useful feedback, though - and so if we haven't spoken (and if you had time) we'd be grateful if you would respond to our survey.

The survey is qualitative, and is to help us identify opportunities and risks to the community of establishing an EA legal service that we have not yet identified. We've gone with a pretty thorough set of questions to prompt thoughts, but encourage you to leave as many questions blank as you like

Questions 1-17 are for anyone in the community (and, as noted above, you do not need to answer every question). We would especially like to hear from people with the backgrounds below, however - and have included some specific questions for these groups:

  • responsible for legal documents / issues while doing EA/longtermist work;
  • a background in grantmaking, regranting, or charity incubation;
  • a background in the law / related fields (e.g. lawyer, law student, immigration advisor, tax advisor)

Your answers will be kept confidential, but you are also welcome to answer anonymously. If you have further questions/concerns, please DM me via the forum or email me (tyronebarugh [at]

We will consider feedback as it comes in, but will close the survey on 8 August. If you want to provide feedback, but might forget, you can sign up for a reminder email here (I won't use your email address for any other purpose).

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Is the survey for people who work at EA orgs? People who work at organizations that identify as being EA aligned? Or any person doing some kind of direct work (for example at an organization that may not identify with effective altruism even if the individual who works there does)?

Thanks Ruth. I've updated the post to be clearer that we want feedback from the community generally, including from people who haven't been doing direct work so far - but that we also have specific questions for people with relevant backgrounds.

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