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UPDATE November 14th: This donation matching opportunity has expired as of November 14th, 2022.

Last November EAs from all over the world directed over $400k from Every.org's donation matching pool to effective nonprofits in their November 2021 Fall Giving Challenge (details).

Every.org just launched another $50,000 donation match and we now have the opportunity to direct the money from typical nonprofits to highly effective ones while the matching funds last.

In summary, each person can direct up to $300 to any three 501(c)(3) nonprofits of your choice through a 1:1 donation match. The process takes ~5 minutes:

How to Get Matched

1. Set up a recurring donation ($50 per month) for up to three (3) different nonprofits on Every.org.

2. That's it. The first $50 of each of your donations in both November and December will be matched one-to-one. i.e. Your six total donations of $50 (totaling $300) will be matched $300 total by Every.org. See Main Notes for details details.

Main Notes

  • Using a credit card for your donation is probably easiest/fastest.
  • Select "Give Monthly" to get the donation matching.
  • By default when you donate there is a preselected option to donate $15 to Every.org. If you don't want to do that, you have to slide the slider to the left, down to $0.
  • Also, if you don't want to continue with the recurring donations after the match, be sure to set a reminder to disable it in December. This link will add a reminder event to your Google Calendar.

Further Notes

  • Even if the Funds Remaining runs out in November, recurring donations that get matched in November will also get matched in December. (When you set up your recurring donation in November, the match amount for both your November and future December donation is immediately deducted from the Funds Remaining dashboard and set aside for your December donation to get matched.)
  • See the Donations tab of my profile for links to the 70+ EA nonprofits on Every.org that EAs donated to last year.
  • Do not create multiple accounts on Every.org to exploit the match limits ($50 x 2 per nonprofit, three nonprofits per person). Doing so can result in the nonprofits you are supporting losing all their matching funds.
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Thanks for this - I just set up 3 new monthly donations for $50 dollars each to get the full match! It took me about 3-5 minutes and was super straightforward. I highly recommend others do so as there's still plenty left in the matching challenge ($40,000 at the time of writing).

I noticed when I was setting up the recurring donations, that it is preselected to donate $15 to Every.org. If you don't want to do that, you have to slide the slider to the left, down to $0.

Also, if you don't want to continue with the recurring donations after the match, be sure to set a reminder to disable it in December. 

@WilliamKiely, you might want to consider adding either of these points to the original post.

Thanks, I thought about adding both of those initially, but opted to keep the post shorter. Will add them both now though based on your feedback.

(Cullen linked to Every.org's annoucement three days ago here, but I think it's worth promoting more now that the opportunity is live.)

Appreciate you bumping :-)

The summary says the donations are "counterfactually matched", but I don't see anything about this in the body -- would you be up for saying more?

The pool is already created and will be distributed according to where the first people donate. I think that's similar to the facebook giving Tuesday in terms of how counterfactual it is: the funds will go to some charity and you can influence which one.

Seems like it's counterfactual in the same sense as the Facebook match: all of this money is going to charities one way or another, but mostly won't go to charities EAs find plausible so you're moving money from some random charity to something you think is especially good.

(Same comment as gcmm posted at the same time... Won't delete mine but it's basically a duplicate.)

I indeed meant that it's counterfactual in the sense davidc and gcmn mentioned, i.e. the same sense as Facebook's Giving Tuesday matches, namely that the matching funds are available for any 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so by donating you can redirect the matching funds from the nonprofits that others who might participate in this support to nonprofits that will use the money more cost-effectively. I.e. The money is not going to your chosen nonprofits regardless--it will go to whatever nonprofits others who participate in this match donate to. (Possibly it won't all be spent, in which case I'd guess it'd roll over to future Every.org giveaways or be returned to the funder or something, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't all used up by the end of the month.)

There is only $1,816 in matching funds left as of this moment (November 11th at 3:25 PM CT), enough for six donors directing the maximum $300 each. Will likely run out today!

The funds remaining dashboard surprisingly still shows $1,417 remaining, so there may still be matching funds left. It think it's been static at that number for >24 hours, which makes me doubt whether it's accurate.

The matching funds have now been exhausted  as of November 14th, 2022. I updated to OP.

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