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Does somebody have the image file of the sensitive, sentient lightbulb that visited the forum dropdown menu two days ago? 

At last, a biblically accurate Qualy The Lightbulb

I can email you the original file, but only if you promise to use it for ~dastardly purposes. 

I'd really like to see a detailed write-up or resource collection on market-shaping. Approaches, best practices, etc. At least in biosecurity, more and more interventions are at a stage where the technical feasibility is more or less known (e.g., PPE, far-UVC), and the major bottlenecks can only really be solved by shaping the underlying market. 

Not sure how transferable, but there is a large and recent literature on this from how we did this for clean energy -- if relevant I can look up a review paper when back from holiday (next week).

Thanks, that would be great!

Sorry to not be able to send something more comprehensive, but I think this is a good introductory resource that is relatively recent and policy oriented and probably has lots of good links/snowballing opportunities (

Also the whole literature on "entrepreneurial state", and "mission economy", probably provides a good overview.

I also know that Schmidt Futures is quite into this, so talking to them could be good. 

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