Like: Bioinformatics professor (for global health), lab-grown-meat(for factory farming), hospitals with AI...I'd like more examples, could someone give me some concrete examples? Are they profit-making?

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Jessica Wen

Apr 11, 2023


This isn't specifically my area of expertise, but in my research for "physical" engineering roles I often find accompanying software engineering roles, such as bioreactors for lab-grown meat, open sustainable technology projects, companies like Zipline working in low-income countries, start-ups that have gone through Y Combinator's non-profit program, and various biosecurity orgs/companies need bioinformatics/data scientists/software engineers. You can find more ideas on the 80k career review of software engineering.


Apr 11, 2023


Global poverty needs plenty of tech talent, GiveDirectly and IDInsight might be good organizations to check out. 


Apr 11, 2023


I work on recommender systems for charities and fundraisers in the PayPal app. Let me know if you'd like a call to chat about it.