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Details about the Head of People Operations and Head of Communications roles are below. We encourage you to apply if you are qualified and interested, and please send these roles to anyone who you think has the potential to be an excellent fit.

Head of People Operations

We’re looking for a Head of People Operations to take broad ownership of our People Operations function. They'll manage a few current staff members, advise managers and senior staff across GiveWell’s teams, and have a lot of latitude in growing and developing strategy for the People Ops team. More in the job description.

We think this is an especially exciting opportunity because you’ll:

  • Have an outsized impact with your career. GiveWell’s work saves and improves lives around the world, and you’ll build the team to do that critical work.
  • Work with brilliant, motivated colleagues. GiveWell has a relatively small team because we’re able to attract the best. You’ll get to work with a team of smart, ambitious people who are passionate about doing good in the world.
  • Build a People Operations team essentially from scratch. GiveWell is about 70 people today, and we expect to grow to 100+ over the next two to three years. In many cases we’re still leaning on improvised policies and approaches we haven’t had the bandwidth to revisit since our start-up days. Our People Ops leader will have the opportunity to build a world-class People Operations team from the ground up.
  • Become a trusted advisor to senior leadership. You will be a critical advisor for the executive team and will have significant influence over GiveWell’s culture and direction—finding and retaining the best talent is our number one organizational priority.
  • Have the resources to build a world-class team. We’re a well-funded nonprofit, and we want our operations team focused on providing A+ support.

Key details:

  • Compensation: $173k - $191k depending on location.
  • Experience: We don’t have a hard requirement for years of experience, but we expect competitive candidates to have around 10 years of work experience (at least some of it directly relevant).
  • Location: Anywhere in the US. We're happy to sponsor a US visa for the right match, and we’ll cover moving costs for anyone interested in working from our offices in Oakland or NYC.

Head of Communications

We’re hiring a Head of Communications to tell GiveWell’s story of impact to new and existing audiences across the globe. This person will improve GiveWell’s fundraising efforts and have a strong personal impact on our ability to fund cost-effective giving opportunities. We’ll need them to be adept at translating our technical research into communications products that are transparent and interpretable. They’ll also manage press relationships, get in the weeds on copy as necessary, and be able to expand our communications team. More in the job description.

We think this is an especially exciting opportunity because:

  • We’re committed to transparency. Our first priority is being open and honest with our donors and followers. We do not oversell, and we do not hide our mistakes. We’re looking for someone to get creative about sharing the rigor and complexity of our work in high-fidelity ways, which will most likely look and feel different than most nonprofit communications campaigns.
  • Communications is an organizational priority. Our primary goal is to move as much money as possible to the most cost-effective giving opportunities that we can find. We can only do that with a strong communications strategy that translates our technical research into compelling calls to action. We are committed to ensuring the communications team has the resources it needs to succeed. This could include leveraging internal stakeholders like the CEO, growing the FTE headcount of the communications function, or anything else that helps produce top-notch communications about GiveWell.
  • It has a clear pathway to increasing GiveWell’s impact. This role could determine whether we reach our ambitious fundraising goals, which directly affects GiveWell’s ability to save and improve lives around the world.
  • Our brand is ready for greater influence. We have built a trusted research product that many people write about and engage with. We have strong relationships with writers, influencers, and thought leaders that are ready to be taken to the next level. 

Key details:

  • Compensation: $166k - $183k if located within the US, custom package for international hires.
  • Experience: We're looking for a gifted storyteller with excellent interpersonal skills and substantial experience in writing, PR, and media. Familiarity with GiveWell and previous management experience are major pluses.
  • Location: Anywhere in the world. We're happy to sponsor a US visa for the right match, and we’ll cover moving costs for anyone interested in working from our offices in Oakland or NYC.





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