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We recommend:

  1. An Intergovernmental Panel On Global Catastrophic Risks (DannyBressler, 22 min)
  2. Intervention report: Slowing down factory farming in Sub Saharan Africa (Aashish Khimasia, 52 min)
  3. My model of how different AI risks fit together (Stephen Clare, 8 min)
  4. A discussion of the assumptions behind anti-AI-accelerationism (Matthew_Barnett, quick take) 
  5. Lower-suffering egg brands available in the SF Bay Area (mayleaf, 8 min)


  1. Updates and news
    1. Introducing the Animal Advocacy Forum (David van Beveren)
    2. Announcing the London Initiative for Safe AI (LISA) (JamesFox)
  2. Opportunities for action
    1. GiveWell is hiring for senior roles: Head of People Operations and Head of Communications (GiveWell, 3 min)
    2. See some upcoming job deadlines in the Who’s hiring thread: e.g. Research/Executive Assistant at Forethought (11 Feb), Technical Lead at Budapest AI Safety (12 Feb), Researcher at Giving What We Can (18 Feb)

Classic Forum post | The decline of footbinding as a case study of moral progress (rosehadshar, 15 min)


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