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Even with many in-person conferences happening this year, the demand for virtual interaction is still high. I’m excited to announce that a big virtual conference - EAGxVirtual 2022 - will take place on October 21-23. It will be hosted by EA Anywhere with the support of the CEA Events team.

Details on the conference

Our main goal is to help attendees identify the next steps to act based on EA principles wherever they are in the world and build stronger bonds within the community. 

A lot of people recently engaged with the community through Intro Fellowships, Virtual Programs, and professional groups. But many of them have uncertainties about how to take action and don't have a good understanding of the EA landscape. We want to address that by facilitating valuable connections, highlighting relevant opportunities and resources, and inviting speakers who are working on concrete projects. There will be a range of talks, workshops, live Q&A sessions, Office Hours with experts, and facilitated networking. 

Application process

  • The applications will be open in early September.
  • Sign-up here to be notified when applications open.
  • We expect attendees to be at least familiar with key EA ideas. If you’re a complete newcomer, consider signing up for the Introductory EA Program by July 24, such that you will have completed the Program in time for the event.

Content suggestions

We're putting together the program right now and we'd be happy to hear your suggestions. What kind of content would you like to see? As a virtual conference, we are not limited by the venue and have no need to mirror in-person conferences.

Feel free to put your suggestion in the comments or use this form.

We are looking forward to an inspiring conference with you!

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I’m super excited for this! I love the in person conferences but I think virtual conferences also fill an important void for people who for a variety of reasons can’t easily travel to the US or UK.

*US, UK or any other country with an EAGx conferences. Just in case anyone reading this missed the news, there are now EAG(x) conferences planned on five different continents! :) 

--> www.eaglobal.org

Great one. This has probably been considered by people with experience and decided against, and I am not confident with this thought, but to share it anyway...

Having to apply, and having to commit to everything, might put some people off. Due to fear of rejection, self-consciousness of their abilities/experience, shyness, or otherwise being uninterested in all components of the conference. 

I can imagine it being beneficial and a good opportunity (being virtual) to have an open invitation for joining any of the talks or Q&A sessions (I presume there will already be moderators screening questions). Obviously, the suggestion of having digested certain information prior to joining any of the live talks could easily remain (and this could be specific to each talk).

Separately, require an application for workshops, office hours with experts, and facilitated networking.

Really excited this is going ahead!

Looking forward! I really think this can be as good or better than in person EAG(x)s

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