Resource Generation: Inheriting-to-give, for systemic change

by jasonk 1 min read15th Oct 20193 comments


See article: Meet the Rich Kids Who Want to Give Away All Their Money

The organization Resource Generation ( seems to have taken Anand Giridharadas' / Thomas Pogge's philanthropy criticisms to heart and members appear to be committed to giving up their inheritances and wealth for social justice causes. Their modus operandi appears to be something like inheriting-to-give, to address systemic injustices.

The group appears to be pretty well developed (600+ members, 16 chapters). If they gain notoriety, it will be interesting to see how they are received by the mainstream as against how EA has been, especially since they talk about giving up power, whereas EA generally wants to gain power. Their desired end goal is different from many EAs' of course, theirs being social equity.