TL:DR – The Future of Life Institute is hosting a contest with $50K in prizes for the best creative educational materials on superintelligence and its associated risks. Entry is FREE, pretty much any medium / format is accepted, teams can enter, and anybody can apply (so long as their submission is in English). 

Apply by 31 August 2024

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I'd like to announce the launch of Superintelligence Imagined: a creative contest on the risks of superintelligence. As the lead organiser of the contest, I'm really excited to get this out into the world and see what might come of it!

We're running this contest to generate submissions that can effectively communicate what superintelligence is and the risks of developing such a technology.

The webpage linked above explains everything you need to know about the contest brief, submission guidelines, judging criteria, and prizes.

We're particularly excited to see bold and ambitious team submissions from people with a diverse set of skills and perspectives, so please consider joining our online community and finding a team.

Please share the contest with anybody who you think might be interested in applying (perhaps send them the poster above) – it could be a great opportunity for students on summer break, or for developing an idea that you've been sitting on for a while.

If you have any questions about the contest please reach me at




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