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Hello, I am a senior lecturer with the Department of Microbiology, Plateau State University,Bokkos. I feel am not making as much impact as I should. I would like to take a Sabbatical in a lab to help re-define my focus for more impact. Are there funds for such sabbatical breaks? Or any lab interested in hosting a Microbiologist interested in pandemic preparedness?




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The Long-Term Future Fund makes grants to individuals looking to work on reducing existential risks. They often fund 3-6 months of peoples' salary, which could be considered a sabbatical. I recommend applying :) 

Open Philanthropy has biosecurity scholarships which have also funded career transitions in the past. In the past, they opened applications around September.

The Job board | Funds list | 80,000 Hours (80000hours.org) might have some funds (Around 5 to 15) on the topic.

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