One thing I wish I did more often is checks to see if I understand the world - Fermis, landmark numbers, predictions about how things work, etc.

Along the way I started wishing I could cover up numbers on websites so I would have the chance to guess first and then reveal via mouseover, and Aur Saraf agreed to make a chrome extension, and here it is! Lets you set the default for a whole site or a page. (Not good for dynamic sites like twitter)

Extremely excited.

The code is open source here if you want to add any feature requests.

(I think I want to change the name - let me know if you have thoughts)




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Nice! As a tweak, maybe only hide a few numbers on a page, rather than all of them?

I love this, it would work like the Toucan extension, which replaces random words to another language, with frequency depending on difficulty.

If either of you are coders and interested, the codebase is here:

If it requires a cheerful price, let me know :)

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