Just so everyone knows, the novel I wrote to promote EA has been published on Amazon. This is not a request to purchase it, or try to directly support it in any particular way. 

However if the blurb does sound interesting, go for it :)





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(Hey, maybe you'd like to make your link clickable, by editing your post, marking the text-to-become-a-link, and then:


I have the slight suspicion that the author did not set a clickable link to reduce self-promotion. 
I hope it is thus okay if I add it here in the comments https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BSXHJRBQ 

For anyone interested: A Forum post with more background info about the novel is I’ve written a Fantasy Novel to Promote Effective Altruism  

I also suggest making this a linkpost!

Can you describe a little bit how the novel promotes EA? For instance, is it that the morals of the novel are EA morals, and if so, what morals are they?

Hi, my copy did come in the mail a week or two ago, I meant to drop by and tell you we cracked it open at the house and looked at the font, we hated the font, my housemate said he'd never read it in a bajillion years because of the font, I'll probably still read it I don't think it'll be too costly but the gut reaction still counts for something. 

Thanks for doing this - I'm excited to read it!

I think you should link to the amazon page to increase followthrough

And put the blurb in the body of the post!

Tim -- Looks fun, thank you for sharing. We need more inspiring fiction, art, music, videos, etc to promote EA insights & values.

I hope this isn't a prediction of someone in EA...