ARIA (the new UK attempt to set up something like DARPA, but not focused on natsec applications) is looking for suggested topics on roundtables they could convene. They want people to send in quick proposals:


Seems pretty plausible that biosecurity and AI safety could get funding from AIRA, plausibly forecasting work as well.  For co-ordination purposes comment on this post if you've submitted an EA aligned proposal and what it was for.  




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I may write one on knowledge management within the civil service

Interested in hear what you would write on this

This is so cool. A few ideas which I’m not fit to write:

  • Next generation Geothermal

  • Policy and technological advancements to increase residential construction in the U.K.

  • Research on the best health system models

  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

  • Oscillating water column technology (wave energy)

  • Digitisation and simplification of government services/law (a la Estonia and Próspera)

  • Drug regulation reciprocity

I will write one on biorisk, maybe "curing all coronaviruses" or similar. I suggest many are better qualified than me to do this.

Someone better placed than me is doing this.

I will write one on AI safety unless someone better qualified does. Many people are. I will run it by AI safety folks before submitting.

Someone better placed than me is doing this.

I am gonna write one on forecasting. Please get in touch if you'd like to support/collaborate.

This is really important and underrated.


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