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With inspiration from David Reinstein's recent post, I am going to join his effort in narrating EA forum posts.

A few questions to spark ideas of which posts I should narrate:

  • Are there any posts you've been meaning to read yourself, but have never gotten around to?

  • Are there any posts which you believe would be a great introduction to effective altruism to someone who's never heard of the movement?

  • Which posts have changed your giving or career trajectory the most?

  • If you heard that someone had narrated ________, what title filled in the blank would excite you the most?

Other questions, like the above four, or preferences for what type of post I should narrate are welcome as well. Though I ask that you place these in the comments section.

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How about the posts that won the Forum Prize

That’s a great idea! I was disappointed though that they stopped doing these a year ago, and I thought of any similar ‘best-of’ lists I know of, and remembered the EA Forum Digest exists, so I’m probably going to read posts from this too.

The forum prize is ongoing, the most recent is for March (and I guess that the April edition should be out soon) 
Thanks for the correction. I read the intro to the first prize post (May, 2020) on the tag page, and thought it meant it was the last one that would be published. I thought there were more published between May of 2020, and now, but for the last year time has felt pretty weird, so I figured I was misremembering.
Ah, I see! Yea, the way it's sorted makes it very confusing (it's based on the tag upvotes, which is rather irrelevant here)

I think it would be really cool if you could read the posts in the introductory sequences (the ones in blue with numbers here https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/sequences). We're planning to keep polishing/publicising these posts as an introduction to EA, and I think it would be nice if there were an audio version for people who preferred that.

That's a great idea!

(Fwiw my podcast with recordings is HERE). @dothemath and I are in contact and we will probably merge the organization of our content at some point.

I'm also planning to make an airtable (database) to keep track of this and for people to sign up to do readings.

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I would really like a narration of new EA Organization Updates, and the EA Newsletter! For most posts I skim them first in order to check if I want to read them, but for the updates/newsletter I usually just read all of it, so that could be replaced well by audio for me.

A narration of the newsletter, or the posts linked in the newsletter?

I meant just the newsletter itself, not the linked posts.

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