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The Good Food Institute (GFI) is a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. that promotes both plant-based and cell-based animal product alternatives.


GFI was founded founded in October 2015 and officially launched in February the following year (Animal Charity Evaluators 2020).


Animal Charity Evaluators rates GFI a "top charity"—one of the four organizations awarded their highest rating. ACE considers GFI "an excellent giving opportunity because of their strong, cost-effective programs, their track record in increasing the availability of animal-free products and strengthening the movement, and their healthy organizational culture." (Animal Charity Evaluators 2020) GFI is also one of the two animal welfare charities recommended by Raising for Effective Giving (Raising for Effective Giving 2021). As of May 2021, GFI has received over $7.5 million in grants from Open Philanthropy (Open Philanthropy 2021).


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