Hi fellow EAs, 

I'm a machine learning researcher in Sydney. I'm interested in applying {data science/machine learning} techniques to {plant-based/cultured} meat. Are there any research papers that you'd suggest as an introduction to the field?

Here are some links from GFI that are relevant. Note that I'm looking for specific papers/datasets, which are not listed on GFI's pages.  https://gfi.org/researchgrants/grantee-page-cell-culture-media-machine-learning-for-fish-growth-media-virginia-tech/?fbclid=IwAR01LqQaITNxurd5S8So38S-PRgFtuQVk503O1KHL2hJ9hW7H7FQQ_Fef2g




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The Humbird report would be important to read regarding analysis of the scaling needs for cultured meat. It contains a lot of numbers that would be important to input. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/bit.27848

Hi Purachi, I am glad that you asked. I wonder if you have read my paper, AI ethics: the case for including animals


Also, I am happy to jump on a call to discuss.