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Running an AI safety group at the University of Michigan. https://maisi.club/

Email: jakraus@umich.edu

Anonymous feedback: https://www.admonymous.co/jakraus


I was about to comment this too. From a brief skim I can't find any clarification about what the term "fellowship programs" is referring to.

Thanks for the detailed reply. So instead of informing people who value altruism about the best ways to help, we should also try to elevate the importance of altruism within people's values. Am I understanding correctly?

Awesome, I added a link to your spreadsheet.

Thanks! 1st link is my doc, 2nd + 3rd + 4th are on Stafforini's list of EA syllabi, and the 5th link is in my doc.

Awesome! Yours is better than mine. I'll just add to yours from now on.

I wonder if this project could also provide merch for various EA Groups? E.g. a university group could request a design specific to their university. A centralized merch system would be less work overall than having each EA group make its own merch.

Similar to some of the other comments, I think EA groups should pay for this service.

Besides Global health/ Biomedical Innovation, some of the tags that are EA problems profiles or related problems are: "Climate", "Healthcare", "Biotech", "Digital Health", "Health Tech", "Mental Health Tech", "Telemedicine", "GovTech", "AI-powered Drug Discovery", "Electric Vehicles", "Telehealth", "Diagnostics", "Carbon Capture and Removal", "Drug Discovery", "Synthetic Biology", "Sustainable Fashion", "Genomics", "Agriculture", "NeuroTechnology", "SleepTech", "Fertility Tech", "Oncology", "Cellular Agriculture", "Civic Tech", "FemTech", "Medical Robotics", "Alternative Battery Tech", "Cultivated Meat", "Cultured Meat", "3D Printed Foods", "NanoMedicines", and "Rocketry".

Worth noting that some technologies in these areas could easily be misused or repurposed to cause harm.

If the data is available, for each of these 5 iterations could you please list the following?

  • number of people who applied
  • number of people you interviewed (done)
  • number of people you admitted
  • number of people who completed the program
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