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What this is

A Google doc containing links to:

  • (all?) existing lists of EA videos
  • (all?) EA-related YouTube channels (intended to be comprehensive for active channels with over 10 videos that seem worth sharing in an EA group)
  • some EA-related podcasts
  • some suggested videos, sorted into categories like "Intro to EA," "AI governance," "animal welfare," "career planning," etc
  • some discussion prompts for watching these videos in discussion groups
  • some resources and tips for running these discussion groups

Please comment with feedback and suggestions!

Why I made it

This fall, University of Michigan's EA group ran weekly "general meetings." We would watch a video and then break out into smaller groups to discuss, with help from a page of discussion prompts. To run these meetings, the following actions need to happen:

  1. find a room
  2. pick a video
  3. make the discussion prompts (or do this on your phone as you watch the video)
  4. order food delivery (e.g. pizza)
  5. set up the projector to display the video
  6. run the meeting

If you do a recurring meeting, you can probably do (1) exactly once for the entire semester or year. I made this doc to reduce the work of (2) and (3) for all EA groups that want to run video-based discussion groups.




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I've added a bunch of Giving What We Can's videos under the different sections of your list! 

We've had feedback from group leaders in the past that some of our videos have been helpful for introductory content for their groups. - Grace

Thank you!

This is great, thanks for sharing! Relatedly, I also have a list of EA Content Creators: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/REf9pFmRJaWxGGB3Z/ea-aligned-video-content-creators-youtubers-tiktokkers

Awesome, I added a link to your spreadsheet.