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I'm currently (Aug 2023) a Software Developer at Giving What We Can, helping make giving significantly and effectively a social norm.

I'm also a forum mod, which, shamelessly stealing from Edo, "mostly means that I care about this forum and about you! So let me know if there's anything I can do to help."

Please have a very low bar for reaching out!

I won the 2022 donor lottery, happy to chat about that as well


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The Wikipedia page on effective altruism mentions Bankman-Fried 11 times, and after/during the OpenAI story, it was edited to include a lot of criticism, ~half of which was written after FTX (e.g. it quotes this tweet https://twitter.com/sama/status/1593046526284410880 )

It's the first place I would go to if I wanted an independent take on "what's effective altruism?" I expect many others to do the same.

Sorry for the delay, updated the entry https://www.givingwhatwecan.org/donor-lottery/227966102255917

If anyone reading this wants the same, let us know

You might want to reach out to the groups listed here: https://www.highimpactprofessionals.org/groups 

I think you'll also probably reach more of your target audience by posting things like these as quick take instead of on the Open Thread, but I'm not sure.

Thanks for the feedback!

For now, you can enter as "Anonymous" and then contact us at tech@givingwhatwecan.org with the payment reference and the name you want to have associated with that entry. (Please contact us from the same email address that you entered for the payment)

Hopefully, that's good enough? Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is probably not useful anymore, but on Chrome you can open the browser development tools (Right click + "inspect element", or "ctrl+shift+I"), go to the "Application" tab, and in the Storage -> Local storage section you can see all your drafts. (The process on other browsers to access local storage is similar)


As with Nonlinear and FTX, I think that for the vast majority of people, there's little upside to following this in real-time.

It's very distracting, we have very little information, things are changing fast, and it's not very action-relevant for most of us.

I'm also very optimistic that the people "who work tirelessly and honestly to actually make the world a better place" will keep working on it after this, whatever happens to "EA", and there will still be ways to meet them and collaborate.

Sending a hug

Adam D'Angelo also worked at Facebook with Moskovitz from 2004 to 2008 (incl. as CTO 2006-2008) and is on the board of Asana

If you think it's more plausible than misalignment with OpenAI's mission, you could make some mana on 

It's probably still worth posting! E.g. it seems that @MichaelStJules and commenters on my post would disagree on defaulting to E[effect/cost] vs E[effects]/E[costs]

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