Introducing High Impact Athletes

From my perspective this is more just a complicated and controversial topic where people disagree a lot. You both framed your comments in a way that doesn’t acknowledge that reasonable people may disagree, which might make it more disagreeable for people with different perspectives. And critical feedback might be sparse because it’s so time and energy consuming to hash it out. I think it might be a bit uncharitable to think the people who downvoted are just social/racial justice detectors, no? And I agree, I also wish this wouldn’t make anyone feel anxious (and I definitely would feel anxious, too, even responding here and only implying that I disagree with you feels scary to me).

Where are you donating in 2020 and why?

Haven't read into it, but this LessWrong essay contest was about the relationship between EA and cryonics. 

I also have the gut feeling that I'd not view a cryonics contract for myself as following my altruistic ideal for helping others, as it would have strong benefits for myself. Maybe one might want to tell Alcor to randomly choose a new customer and pay the contract for them. If I wouldn't be so excited about cryonics anymore, then probably my excitement came from something else than altruistic impact.

Introducing High Impact Athletes

Thanks a lot for doing this, I'm really happy about it. The website looks great and I love the testimonials, they are very inspiring to me and I imagine to other athletes, too. 

I imagine that this project could potentially get a lot of sudden attention within the sports community in the coming months. I wonder if you or others think this is plausible and how important it is to prepare for this, e.g. by quickly developing the capacity to manage this well, and by being especially careful to avoid any potentially offputting initial impressions.

Persuasion Tools: AI takeover without AGI or agency?

Fair. One might consider that there could currently be a difference in the reasonableness of different factions, with progressive voices being earlier adopters and better at using social media to make their points, which would get more balanced with increased general sophistication. Anecdotally, many in my bubble seem kind of clueless how to argue against anti-capitalist ideas (which at least I get confronted with regularly), which may be explained with this imbalance.

Persuasion Tools: AI takeover without AGI or agency?

I was thinking more that religion and politics become increasingly truth-restricted with increasing content providers in a new medium. People with other politics bring up supporting scientific results and will get attention due to people having an inborn truth orientation. That might’ve happened when more moderate voices entered the printed word business, when more radio stations opened that were not aligned with one faction, and maybe will happen too when more reasonable voices with different biases enter social media.

Persuasion Tools: AI takeover without AGI or agency?

I think [persuasion tools making debate more truth-oriented] is a possibility but I do not think it is probable. After all, it doesn’t seem to be what’s happened in the last two decades or so of widespread internet use, big data, AI, etc.

One might want to compare this to writing, radio and TV. At least for the former two their misuse seems to have become less and truth oriented communication more common, no? I have the story in my head that initially there is a political monopoly or oligopoly on the new media form, and with the addition of new perspectives there begins a slow process of cultural debate that is overall truth oriented because the truth is most convincing and people have enough of an intrinsic desire to know the truth.

How can I do the most good with my 3D printer?

Cool! Random idea, maybe you could look into what the preppers/survivalists are doing with their 3D printers and look out for innovation ideas from a „humanity recovering from global catastrophes“ lense. What will be likely production bottlenecks, how could we use 3D printers and how could we make them more useful for this already today.

How to best address Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?

Small change I found useful: Using my small finger or ring finger instead of the index finger when I have to use my laptop touchpad. This way my wrist is less twisted, which before felt uncomfortable after a time. 

What are some quick, easy, repeatable ways to do good?

Related to doing something nice for people close to you, I was reminded of Neel Nanda's post where he encourages the idea that helping friends to become more effective might be really useful. Doing this probably gives warm fuzzies and doesn't need to take longer than a call or taking a walk together.

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