In the tech world, there's been a trend of making "awesome X" lists - essentially lists of great resources on a topic.

There didn't seem to be an active one on effective altruism, so I thought I'd make one! You can find it here.

I'm keen to get people to contribute. If you're comfortable using GitHub, just submit a pull request. If not, comment here on the change you want made and I'll make it!

I'm particularly interested in something like "essential effective altruism resources" – the things that you think ought to be required reading for every EA.


Update: can you believe that wasn't already registered?! 😱




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There is this list of essential EA resources:

Great idea! For the section on existential risk, my suggestion would be It has a government and diplomacy point of view, but I found it much more readable than other material I have encountered on the topic. I'm not an expert in this area though, so if someone has a better suggestion for an accessible introduction, go for it.

Thanks, that's been added.

I'm also interested in any slightly unorthodox resources - like, someone coming to the movement for the first time might also want to see criticisms, unusual points of view within the movement (e.g. negative utilitarianism), etc.

Sheon Han made something called Awesome Effective Altruism about a year ago, although I don't see it anymore. Is this related to that?

EDIT: looks like someone made a copy of it at

Sheon Han's repository was made private. There are more more discussion threads here.

Other long term EA-aligned organizations include Future of Life Institute, Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters, AI Impacts, Berkeley Existential Risk Institute, etc.

Thanks, have added 'em.

Should there be a category for Organizations in the periphery of EA?