There are *a bajillion* jobs working on plant-based foods right now

by scottweathers1 min read12th Jul 20198 comments


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A hugely popular EA Forum post this past winter illustrated the tremendous difficulty in getting hired by effective altruist organizations.

This week at Berkeley REACH, Kelsey Piper highlighted a few shifts in the EA community that seem relevant. As EA has become more focused on big-picture ideas, we've become less excited by the prospect of giving ~10% of your income every year, for example by saving lives in developing countries. Still, it's pretty incredible that that's something most people can do!

In the vein of high-impact, accessible opportunities, Kelsey also noted that Impossible Foods has ~30 openings at the moment, many of them doable by EAs without even requiring any specialized skills. Do you live in the San Francisco bay area? Can you do manufacturing work? Then there's a job there for you.

To widen this a bit, there are frankly *a bajllion* jobs right now working on plant-based and cell-based meat. So I've highlighted a few below, focusing on breadth of companies and less technical positions. Happy applying!