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Welcome! Use this thread to introduce yourself or ask questions about anything that confuses you. 

PS- this thread is usually entitled "Open thread", but I'm experimenting with a more descriptive title this time. 

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Hello, I'm Leonora Camner, a founder of a new climate change adaptation organization called ClimateSafe Villages (CSV). Given the deeply concerning warnings from experts that we are not on track to avoid catastrophic levels of global warming, CSV aims to help communities build local resilience to the severe climate impacts we are likely to face in the coming decades. These communities are resilient not just to climate change, but other catastrophic risks as well. 

Our work focuses on:

  • Researching and modeling innovative, resilient building methods and materials
  • Developing community-scale systems for water capture, storage and preservation
  • Building regenerative food systems that are adaptable to extreme conditions
  • Convening advisors across climate science, engineering, agriculture and other key areas
  • Producing actionable guides to help people everywhere build climate resilience

By enabling communities to withstand extreme disasters, deadly heat, water scarcity, food shortages and other devastating climate impacts, I believe we can meaningfully reduce the overall level of risk humanity faces.

I'm very interested to connect with others working on climate and existential risks to explore potential collaborations and knowledge sharing. Please reach out or connect me with others!

Until the end of last year, I was the Executive Director of the YIMBY ("Yes in My Backyard") nonprofit Abundant Housing LA, which I grew from a volunteer effort to a staff of 10. I'm always happy to chat with others about this experience and share any relevant lessons learned. If helpful, I can write a post about this experience and my recommendations. I'm also an advocate for sortition (democracy by lottery) and would love to connect with others interested in this area. 

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to getting to know this community! You can learn more about CSV at ClimateSafeVillages.org.

Hi everyone I'm Caleb Zege from Nigeria and I am incredibly excited to be here, looking forward to exciting times and memorable moments on this platform.

Hi, I’m an AI alignment technical researcher who mostly works independently, and I’m in the market for a new productivity coach / accountability buddy, to chat with periodically (I’ve been doing one ≈20-minute meeting every 2 weeks) about work habits, and set goals, and so on. I’m open to either paying fair market rate, or to a reciprocal arrangement where we trade advice and promises etc. I slightly prefer someone not directly involved in AI alignment—since I don’t want us to get nerd-sniped into object-level discussions—but whatever, that’s not a hard requirement. You can reply here, or DM or email me. :) update: I’m all set now

Hello everyone, my name is Manik. I joined the forum a month ago and am very excited to be here.

I am a business and technology consultant in the UK, collaborating with clients on business problems across multiple industries and domains. I have 3 years of software development experience after Engineering Bachelor's and 6 years of business and technology consulting experience after MBA. I am exploring ways to utilize my skill set to transition into a career which can create a bigger impact. 

Over the last few years, I developed ideas about how I want to design my life and arrived at something very similar to longtermism. This led me to do some research and I was absolutely delighted to know that there is a term for this and that a wider community is working with a similar mindset. The idea of “prioritization” and “effective” altruism resonated with me; I have always believed in an intellectual response to emotional motivations/challenges in life (personal, professional, or global). 

I have been exploring articles on this forum and on 80,000 hours, pursuing a course on AI safety fundamentals, reading Nick Bostrom’s work, listening to EA podcasts and looking for projects/jobs where I can contribute. I am at present interested in AI Safety, but keeping my mind open to exploring other areas if I find I can create a bigger impact. 

Greetings, I'm Anand Jeevanandham, co-founder of Educate-Liberate Foundation(ELF) a non-profit focused on achieving personal freedom and social peace through Education. 

He who opens a school door, closes a prison said Victor Hugo. This makes logical sense, if a school can create such characters in students, who can acquire skills, apply them in the real world to solve problems of the society and uphold righteousness can make this world peaceful and prosperous. 

Our current work:

  • Workshop for students on Self esteem and Logical reasoning.
  • Training program for teachers on Transactional analysis and Axiology.
  • Quality Audits using a 12-dimensional evaluation method to scientifically determine the effectiveness of any school.

In the pipeline:

  • Development of a Hybrid-AI Teacher Evaluation System (TES) that can interactively assess the teacher's skills, expertise, style, and methods
  • Research on alternative Pedagogy to enhance learning outcomes.

This foundation was made possible with the contributions and support of Sundararajan Krishnaswamy, who served as the Chief Education Officer for a group of 26 schools in India.

Talk to us contact.educate.liberate@gmail.com

Workshop on Circadian rhythm, St.Francis De Sales School, India (2019) : https://youtu.be/0fH_pvW0VTA

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