Hey all!👋

I am part of the Hungarian EA Community and we prepared a Care Package, which you can access through this drive link. It is a package full of resources for fellowship facilitators, community builders, volunteers and organisers. It contains feedback form, interest form, application form templates for fellowships and conferences used by us, by EA Hungary. 

Besides our care package, we can also recommend using some draft emails or forms from these amazing resources: EA Student Groups HandbookEA Groups Resource Centre and this huge folder. Through this link you can reach EA Canva, where you can find several cool designs for posters, flyers and certificates (as of now this might be full, but as far as we know the capacity will be increased soon).

We hope you will find it useful and time saver, feel free to copy and customise them for your community. 😇 We would also appreciate your opinions or advice on our forms.




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Thanks, added a shortcut to my drive

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