Ongoing lawsuit naming "future generations" as plaintiffs; advice sought for how to investigate

by kokotajlod23rd Jan 20186 comments



Juliana vs. US is an ongoing lawsuit. Notably, it names "FUTURE GENERATIONS" as plaintiffs in the case.

I don't know much law, but I hear precedents are important, and so maybe EA's concerned about the long-term future should be especially interested in ensuring that this case sets a good one.

I heard about this from someone I met yesterday who studies this case. I'm going to meet with him someday soon and ask more questions. What questions should I ask?

So far I intend to follow the importance/neglectedness/tractability framework and ask questions like "What is the budget of this organization? Is there no other precedent, are they really the first case of this kind? Is it too late to change anything about their approach, or are there still decisions that need to be made?" But I think people with more legal background than me (I have zero) could suggest better questions to ask...

Also, I'm interested in hearing whether or not I've completely misjudged the expected value of looking into this. Maybe this sort of thing is actually not that important or tractable?

Thanks in advance.