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EAGxVirtual is fast approaching. This post covers updates from the team, including demographics data, dates and times, content, venue, and unique features.

Transcending Boundaries

We have already received more than 600 applications from people representing over 60 countries, making our conference one of the most geographically diverse EA events ever. For many of them, it would be their first conference. If you are a highly-engaged EA, you can make a difference by being responsive to requests from first-time attendees. 

The map below shows the geographical distribution of the participants:

Still, we would love to see more applications. If you know someone who you think should attend the conference, please encourage them to apply by sending them this link

The deadline for applications is 8:00 am UTC on Wednesday, 19 October.

Apply here if you haven’t already.

Dates and times

The conference will be taking place from 5 pm UTC on Friday, October 21st, until 11:59 pm UTC on Sunday, October 23rd.

  •  Friday will feature group meetups and an opening session.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, the sessions will start at 8 am UTC. We try to make the keynote sessions accessible to people from different time zones but the recordings will be available if you cannot make it.
  • There will be a break in the program on Sunday between 3 am and 8 am UTC.

Content: what to expect

We are working hard on the program. Here are the types of content you might expect, beyond the usual talks and workshops:

  • Career stories sessions
  • Office Hours hosted by EA orgs
  • Q&As and fireside chats
  • Group meetups and icebreakers
  • Lightning talks from the attendees
  • Participant-driven meetups on Gather.Town

We have confirmed speakers from Charity Entrepreneurship, GFI Asia, Manifold Markets, Spark Wave, CEA, GovAI, HLI, and other organizations. Some exciting confirmed speakers: Spencer Greenberg, Seth Baum, Varun DeshpandeBen GarfinkelDavid Manheim, and others!

The tentative schedule will be available on the Swapcard app at the end of the week, but it is subject to slight changes in the leadup to the conference. 

Virtual venue

Our main content and networking platform for the conference is the Swapcard. We will share access to the app with all the attendees a week before the conference and provide guidance on how to use it and get the most out of the conference.

We also collaborate with EA Gather.Town to make an always-available virtual space for the attendees to spark more connections and unstructured discussions throughout the conference. There will be spots for private meetings and rooms you can book for group meetups: just like the real conference venue! 

There will be sessions led by EA Virtual Reality as well! Gather.Town and EA VR are optional but are exciting opportunities for those who want to experiment with formats beyond usual live streams and calls. 

Call for volunteers

We think volunteering for such events can be a very fulfilling experience, and organizers depend on motivated people like you to support us and make the best out of this event. We are currently looking for volunteers to help in a wide range of positions, including chat management, moderators, emcees, and more. If you attending the conference, please consider becoming a volunteer.

We are very excited about the event and hope to see you there!

EAGxVirtual Team: AlexJordanDionAmineMarka, and Ollie

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Also unsure if this is the appropriate place to put questions, but I'll put it here:

This is my first conference. I haven't received any emails concerning Swapcard – was I supposed to? The acceptance email did not mention it.

You should have received the Swapcard invite by now. If not, please reach out to virtual@eaglobalx.org

We process registrations manually, so once you signed up for the conference there is a small delay before you get the Swapcard link.

Not sure if I can ask a question about this conference here: I've submitted my application for EAGxVirtual on 11-Sep-22 and haven't gotten my status confirmed yet (1 month ago). A week ago the team told me via E-Mail that there was a high volume of applications to process, causing this delay. Since you write in the post that you would love to see more applications now, do you think it would be better to re-do mine?

Edit: Just got my registration email today (15-oct-22), looking forward to the conference. :)

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