I've not yet seen a collection, in one place, of the various summaries, responses, and rebuttals around AI timelines via biological anchors. I attempt to make said collection here.

I've bolded and put stars around what I consider to be "core" reading (i.e., what I'd suggest you read first), based primarily on concision but also based on importance, according to me. Note that this collection is not ordered chronologically.

Note also: I've edited this collection to include the posts highlighted in the comments.

Ajeya Cotra

Rohin Shah

Holden Karnofsky

Eliezer Yudkowsky

Scott Alexander

Daniel Kokotajlo


Other Honorable Mentions


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Thanks, this seems like a useful collection to have made!

Here are some additional places where Ajeya provides a somewhat more conversational/accessible overview or discussion of her report:

Thanks for compiling this list! I humbly suggest that Fun With +12 OOMs be added in under my name, since it's the closest to a public rebuttal I've written to Ajeya's report.