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The Centre for Effective Altruism will be organizing and supporting conferences for the EA community all over the world in 2023. We currently have the following events scheduled:

EA Global

  • EA Global: Bay Area | (February 24–26, 2023)
  • EA Global: London | (May 19–21, 2023)
  • EA Global: US East Coast | (Fall/Autumn 2023) | Details TBC


  • EAGxVirtual | (October 21–23, 2022)
  • EAGxRotterdam | (November 4–6, 2022)
  • EAGxBerkeley | (December 2–4, 2022)
  • EAGxLatinAmerica | (January 7–8, 2023)
  • EAGxIndia | (January 13–15, 2023)
  • EAGxNordics | (April 21–23, 2023)

Applications for EAGxVirtual and EAGxRotterdam are open (here), and we expect applications for the other conferences to open approximately 2 months before the event. Applications for EA Global: Bay Area will open in November.

(If you'd like to add EA events like these directly to your Google Calendar, use this link.)

Some notes on these conferences:

  • EA Globals are run in-house by the CEA events team, whereas EAGx conferences are organized independently with financial support and mentoring from CEA.
  • EA Global conferences have a high bar for admission and are for people who are very familiar with EA and are taking significant actions (e.g. full-time work or study) based on EA ideas.
  • Admissions for EAGx conferences are processed independently by the EAGx conference organizers. These events are primarily for those who are newer to EA and interested in getting more involved and who are based in the region the conference is taking place in (e.g. EAGxIndia is primarily for people who are interested in EA and are based in India).
  • Please apply to all conferences you wish to attend once applications open — we would rather get too many applications for some conferences and recommend that applicants attend a different one, than miss out on potential applicants to a conference.
  • Applicants can request financial aid to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and tickets. If you are accepted to one of our conferences, we want you to attend without financial burden or stress, so if you are on the fence about applying please do so. For example, if you feel like you technically could afford the travel, but it would be financially uncomfortable to do so, we’d encourage you to apply for funding.
  • The EA Global dates were selected so as to avoid any major public or religious holidays. We also wanted to space the conferences out as much as possible, and as such we’re hosting the Bay Area conference in the winter as it’s our only major location that has good weather around this time. We selected Oakland (rather than San Francisco as per usual) because of a good venue we found there, the Oakland Marriott
  • We also expect that there will be more EAGx events in or near the same locations as our EA Globals, but they may not all be planned out or booked in yet.
  • Find more info on our website.

As always, please feel free to email hello@eaglobal.org with any questions, or comment below.





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Excited about EA Global? The Centre for Effective Altruism's Events Team is hiring for multiple roles, including an EA Global Events Associate. The deadline for applying is next Tuesday, October 11!

This is a test by the EA Forum Team to gauge interest in job ads relevant to posts -  give us feedback here.

Thank you for all your amazing work in connecting people to make the world a better place. I have some feedback on the following:

"We expect applications for the other conferences to open approximately 2 months before the event"

After the pandemic, visa admissions have slowed down quite significantly. "Priority Service" option for UK visas wasn't available when I applied for a visa for the EAGx Oxford in 2021. A friend of mine has waited 6 weeks until he received his UK visa, which is not so uncommon. Similarly, earliest tourist visa appointment I can get from US embassy is for 2024. If applicants from countries with "weaker" passports were allowed to apply earlier, that would help with accessibility and inclusivity.

Yeah, thanks for raising this!

The conferences you're referring to are all EAGx events which primarily serve the region the conference is based in. This means the organisers aren't expecting many applicants to require visas. Earlier this year, before we had confirmed more conferences around the world, serving more of the community, we accepted some people to events like EAGxOxford from further afield.

Applications for EA Global will open much earlier for this reason, though that won't solve the problem for the US.

We know that, even with long application timelines, visas are just very difficult for some people to get for some countries. Timelines aren't the only problem; we see lots of visa rejections too. We're hoping to run more events like EAGxVirtual and EAGxSingapore, which are more accessible to those people and we're improving our visa process to make applications stronger and ensure they're processed faster.

All to say, we're working on making these events more accessible, but we're not nailing it yet.

I am glad to learn that applications for EAG London will open much earlier, that wasn't clear to me from the text. For me that solves much of the problem.

I understand that there must be operational costs of opening admissions much earlier and you have to balance many trade-offs. I just wanted to signal this issue so that it can be taken into account in your decision-making. I think you are doing a great job, thank you for everything!

will add events to the opportunity to the EA opportunity board!

I am so happy  and excited that EAG London is scheduled around the Ascension weekend, this will make it significantly easier to attend (if I get accepted of course).  

Thank you for the preparations for these global events that are soon happening, this will help very many people in their well being in all conners of the world. For the forthcoming EA Global, what are some of the best collifications for on to attend to people like me who are interested in serving people and willing to learn more? Thank you

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