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Organisation Updates

• CSER have a report on what they've done over the last 6 months

• Givewell with a review of 2018, including directing $65,000,000 and making key hires. Also their plans for 2019

• 80,000 Hours with their annual review

• A post on how the Giving Games project tracks its impact

• Effective Thesis with an annual update

•  The Global Catastrophic Risk Institute has an open call for people who are interested in seeking their advice or collaborating on projects


• Open Phil have made 14 more grants, with recent grants including  $4,750,000 on scientific research, $2,000,000 for the Open Phil AI fellowship, $700,000 for macroeconomic stabilisation policy, $715,000 on farm animal welfare, $460,000 on criminal justice reform and $400,000 on land use reform

• GFI have awarded $3,000,000 to 14 scientists to research plant-based and cell-based meats

• The Global Challenge Foundation is offering 10 grants of €10,000 each for reports that provide an overview of the current research in either 'the drivers of global catastrophic risks' or 'global governance gaps'


• Lewis Bollard with a post on whether we could help animals by focusing more on climate change

• A summary from GiveWell on why they decided to give a grant to IDInsight - New Incentives RCT

• Charity Entrepreneurship with 35 pieces of evidence for why new corporate campaigns may or may not work for animal welfare

• Catherine Low with an overview of various EA school outreach programmes and their impact

• Animal Charity Evaluators with a comprehensive overview of animal advocacy in Brazil

• A paper called "Effective Altruism: How Big Should the Tent Be?" arguing that EA isn't compatible with members giving in the way that most effectively promotes their values, when doing so isn’t overall-effective

• Jamie Harris with research on how tractable it is to change the course of history

• A summary from JPAL on new research about interventions to reduce violence against women

• Marc Gunther with an overview of the intersection of effective altruism and psychedelic research


• A new economics journal that only publishes results that are expected to overcome publication bias

• Britain's youngest billionaire on why he is giving most of his money away to effective altruism related areas

• Coverage on the rise of meatless meat, including Beyond Meat having a market capitalisation of $5,000,000,000 and Impossible Foods raising $300,000,000 in funding


• Helen Toner from Open Phil discussing misconceptions about China and AI on the rationally speaking podcast

• A BBC radio programme on whether 21st century technology will avert or accelerate an apocalypse

• Chloe Cockburn from Open Phil discussing criminal justice reform

• Will MacAskill on the Jolly Swagmen podcast

Effective altruism in media & blogs

• Peter Singer being interviewed on animal rights, politics and AI

• Brain Kateman writing in Fast Company on why wild animal suffering is important to consider

• Notes and questions from Will MacAskill’s 2018 EAG keynote, how can effective altruism stay curious?


• A fireside chat from EA Global with Rachel Glennerster, chief economist at the Department for International Development

• Stefan Schubert with a talk at EAGx Nordics exploring the psychological obstacles that stop us from maximising our moral impact and suggests strategies to overcome them

• Karolina Sarek with a post on systematic approaches to sustainably increasing work output

• Jade Leung with a talk from EA Global looking at AI governance

• A post by me on the landscape of effective altruism in London

• Lauren Holt from CSER writing in the BBC about the long term future of bio-engineering, rewilding and synthetic organisms

• Another article in the BBC Deep Civilisation section on how art and culture can influence the long term future

• Hauke Hillebrandt  and Henry Stanley have a new crowdfunding campaign for effective environmental policy

• Peter Singer and Agata Sagan in the New Statesman on whether humans should be allowed to colonise outer space

• Our World in Data with projections on how the world's poorest economies are stagnating and half a billion people are expected to be in extreme poverty in 2030

• A look at how early experimentation with preregistration in psychology hasn't gone smoothly

• A case study of behavioural insights being used to improve tuberculosis care

• The Centre for Global Development with a post on the lessons from Ebola for the next pandemic

• Data visualisations on why more funding is needed to eliminate malaria

• A new app called Sparrow, which allows you to set up donations automatically when you get paid, buy a round of drinks or watch 30 minutes of Netflix, is looking for people to test it, see this Facebook link to find out more

Good news roundup

• Algeria and Argentina have been certified malaria-free by the World Health Organisation, taking us to 38 countries globally that are malaria-free

• 19 more philanthropists have joined the Giving Pledge, to give away at least half their wealth to charitable causes

• Washington state has a new law increasing welfare requirements for egg-laying hens





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Is there a single place that compiles all these EA Updates for each month? Seems like a valuable resource to look back on.

Not the posts exactly, but there is the EA London blog page which contains all the newsletters although they include events and job postings that might be less relevant.

Marc Gunther with an overview of the intersection of effective altruism and psychedelic research

I feel moved to plug the prize I'm offering for the most popular counterarguments against psychedelics being an effective cause area: Cash prizes for the best arguments against psychedelics being an EA cause area

Prizes will be assessed on Monday, so now is a good time to vote for the arguments that seem best to you! (The current tallies are pretty close.)

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Thanks for this great list! It seems like the 80,000 Hours annual review and the how big of a tent EA should be should be separate posts, because I think they would spark significant discussion. However, it seems like the people who contributed to/discovered these should get the karma.

I'd be happy for other people to make posts if they've found something they want to dive into.

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