Hi EA Forum, Is anyone working on the idea of 10,000 hours (10K)? It came up in our excellent intro group discussions with Luca. The concept is older people aiming to spend 5 years at the end of their careers to focus on EA activities. We can see some potential.... career capital, more financial independence, less competing family commitments etc. Just wondering if there is an EA group/people interested in this? Thanks for your advice. Best wishes, Pete

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Apr 29, 2022


This is a neat idea and I haven't seen anyone working on it so far.


Apr 29, 2022


I submitted something like this to the FTXFF idea contest, obviously not chosen.  It seems like High Impact Professionals is in or near this space:


I thought Probably Good might work on something like this, but doesn't seem like it so far:


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Peter, your question had some weird formatting. I've fixed the formatting without changing the content of your question.

Thinking about all the things this could mean:

  • encouragement / explicit and implicit understanding from the community that this would be a good thing we'd welcome (probably not hugely in existence, though there are a handful of EA forum posts and my guess is talking to people will get a lot of positive reinforcement)

  • outreach (not very much, though I don't know much about HIP's activities, and I do know that there is increased interest in mid career people)

  • substantive advice in the form of written or audio content (I think not hugely in existence, but I don't know what HIP writes)

  • available opportunities (I think if a person is plugged in enough to know what job opportunities there are, there are many available for late career people if they have the right skills, people would love more managers, founders, project managers, etc)

  • available support (I think 80k serves this purpose fine? I guess if people don't want to work full time on it then maybe not).

Curious if I've missed a category or people disagree with my assessment within a category.