I would be keen to hear people's reflections on EA strategy week, including, what was your favourite post and whether you made any updates.




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I guess my favorite post was Jessica McCurdy's Where on the continuum of pure EA to pure AIS should you be? (Uni Group Organizers Focus) it seemed like a situation that more people are facing and it did a good job of identifying potential hesitations/counter-arguments. Even though it focused specifically on university groups, I think it did a good job talking about these considerations in general.

My second favourite post was Third Wave EA[1]. I agreed with the framing that we are confronted with a fundamentally new situation and that EA needs to decide what it wants to be in light of this.

I'll be honest, I didn't have a huge amount of updates, although I did appreciate Lincoln Q's distinction between perks and business expenses, I found it surprising that 47% of people thought EA had responded well to the FTX crisis with only 21% disagreeing. I also thought Levin made a great comment about the FTX crisis exploding EA's "self-narrative of ascendancy".

My favourite comment was Lizka's exploration of what a third-wave might look like[2].

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    The reason why it was only my second favourite was that I found the "politics and civil society" framing slightly strange. Like I think that framing would make sense if EA was to decide to focus on influencing a wide variety of political issues, but the table seemed to describe a focus on AI governance, in which case it would make more sense to give the option that label. Similarly, it's not clear to me that a return to non-AI causes would necessarily signal a focus on animal welfare over global poverty.

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    Even though she expression some hesitation around the framing.

I found it useful as a prompt to share thoughts I was sitting on.