We have just launched a public grants database which contains information on all of our public grants [1].

We currently include details of the fund that made the grant, a project summary, the grantee and the payout amount.

We think it is valuable to show the EA community and our donors what kinds of projects we end up funding to increase accountability and encourage more excellent projects. Prospective grantees often ask me what types of projects we fund, and I hope this will make it easier for them to come up with ideas for projects and know whether their project ideas are in scope.

We previously wrote public payout reports where our fund managers would outline their reasoning for making a grant. I think that the public payout reports were excellent. Still, they were time-consuming for our fund managers, and I would prefer them to spend their limited capacity evaluating grants [2]. We were also much slower than I would have liked with releasing them, and I hope the database will stay much more up-to-date with our grantmaking (with entries generally added soon after we make payouts).

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    Please note that it is currently still being tested, so some grant information may be incorrect.

  2. ^

    One idea is to ask fund managers to highlight a few grants each month and explain why they were excited about them to encourage more excellent projects and give insight into our grantmaking. They would not be comprehensive like our old reports, but I think our public grants database and these highlights reports (when we have time to write them) will get most of the value of the old reports while saving us substantial time.

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I recommend you talk to Hamish Huggard and pay him to update put his https://effectivealtruismdata.com/  graphs with your new data soruce. He applied for funding to run the project but got rejected.

I'd love to see up-to-date graphs like this somewhere, ideally on the main website. 

He applied for funding to run the project but got rejected.

Is this true? At face value, that seems really disappointing.

Quiet, diligent work, like stats or census taking, or contributing to wikis or other epistemic projects is valuable and underrated.


If you could expose [a link directly to a csv, instead of a button] or [a view-only google-sheet] or [your Airtable, if that's how you keep the data], it could allow someone (like me?) to easily create another data source that auto-updates with your data, as well as data from other funders, if they'll do the same. 


We just released an updated version of the Grants Database which include a direct CSV download link. The direct URL is at https://funds.effectivealtruism.org/api/grants and can be used for automated fetch scripts.



Here's the Google Sheet version for the same data:


Anyone can "File --> Make a copy" and add their own changes. Or, the formula you want is probably =IMPORTDATA("https://funds.effectivealtruism.org/api/grants").

(Let me know if anyone wants something more complicated, this here is the 2-minute version)

 Can you pipe in the information from OP and FTXFF?

This looks really good. Great work team!

Love this, as i was looking for more regular grant reports while considering if i shall do all my giving to different cause area ea funds. 

Your twitter cards don't work

Thanks for catching this! I'll ask the team to debug it.