[cross-post] Does donation matching work?

by Ben_Kuhn11th Jan 201512 comments



In the effective altruism community, donation matches are becoming very popular. Some matchers have gone as far as tripling or even quadrupling each dollar donated, not just doubling. But I started to wonder if the matching multiple—or even matching at all—has any impact on the money you raise. So I took a look at some of the academic literature on donation matching to see whether such matches are justified.

I find that the evidence is mixed, but we can still draw some conclusions form it. Full writeup here. I'd love to get people's thoughts on it, especially:

  • Do the process and conclusions make sense given the evidence?
  • Do you plan to change your donating/fundraising behavior based on the findings? (The research and writeup took me probably 10-15 hours, so I'm especially concerned with evaluating whether it was worth the effort!)

Thanks for reading!

(Note: I made a link instead of pasting the whole thing here because I expect I'll update the post and don't want to deal with keeping the two versions synchronized. Moderators, let me know if you'd prefer some other solution.)