Last year we introduced the EA Forum Wrapped feature, and this year we've totally redesigned it for you - see your EA Forum 2023 Wrapped here. 🎁

Thanks to everyone for visiting and contributing to the EA Forum this year!



If you have any feedback or questions about the results, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. Consider sharing if you found something surprising or interesting.

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I just want to give a quick shoutout to the whole Forum team. You have done an incredible job creating, testing, and implementing new features and navigating numerous highly complex issues throughout the year. Thank you for all you do! 

(Wishing you a wonderful New Year's, too!)

The UX has so much improvement since the 2022 version of this :-) It feels concise and the scrolling to each new graph makes it interesting to learn each new thing. Kudos to whoever designed it this way!

The credit goes to our super talented designer @agnestenlund!

Cool. Is it still possible to see my 2022 wrapped?

Currently we've left it up here but we plan to remove it soon to clean up our codebase. I'm curious why you want to see last year's?


General curiosity. Looking at it, I'm interested in my total-hours and karma-change. I wish there was a good way to remind me of... all about how I interacted with the forum in 2022, but wrapped doesn't do that (and probably ~can't do it; probably I should just skim my posts from that year...)

Update: We've removed the old version of Wrapped, but also updated the new version to work with 2022 data. You can see your 2022 data here.

Really nice experience. :)

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