For example, how people (mis)perceive and (mis)understand the long-term stakes, the nature, severity & likelihood of specific X risks, & the policy issues around managing X risks? (I'm familiar with the excellent articles by Yudkowsky (2008) & Schubert et al (2019), but would appreciate some more suggestions.)




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Here's a collection I made of evidence about views on longtermism, time discounting, population ethics, significance of suffering vs happiness, etc. among non-EAs. I think this isn't precisely what you're after, but perhaps some of it is relevant.

Thanks! That's very helpful. 

A more recent Yudkowsky piece that really stuck with me: "There's No Fire Alarm for Artificial General Intelligence". It's dense and difficult to summarize, but in general, it discusses different heuristics people use to predict future risk, and why they could all fail in the case of AGI.

We recently published a Wiki entry on the the psychology of effective altruism. There is currently very little substantive content, but you may still find the references helpful.

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You may find the tag EA Psychology a fruitful place to search.

Good idea. Will check.

This could be relevant: