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Note that I’m happy for the answer to be “none” or “all of them.”

Just thinking that some are likely to be geared more towards a general audience with less of a background - thanks!




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  • His conversation with Tyler Cowen skips talking points which are more familiar to EAs, I'm finding that interesting
  • I thought his conversation with Ezra was interesting too - Ezra both has good criticisms but also managed to frame Will's argument's really succinctly (e.g. I loved the title of the podcast "Three sentences that could change the world" or something)

Sure, the title of the Ezra ep was cool. But I actually didn't think it was that good of an ep - I felt like when Ezra asked 'tough' questions, Will didn't really engage with them in a direct enough way, and as a result a lot of my non-EA friends have told me that they felt Will didn't have good responses to the questions. I don't think it was that useful an ep to listen to as an EA - its mostly stuff in the book and things you'd likely have heard from Will or others in the community before. 

Yeah I've only listened to the Tyler Cowen one but I thought it was great. Tyler kept objecting to utilitarianism using various thought experiments and arguments, and Will had some pretty interesting responses. 

I'm going to post a Twitter thread about this tomorrow, with some selected extracts. The best three I've heard are:

  • Ezra Klein
  • Dwarkesh Patel
  • Tyler Cowen

I posted all three to The Valmy.

I most enjoyed Tyler Cowen, but I thought that The Lunar Society was also worth a listen. The podcast also has a transcript on its website incase you prefer reading. 

80k great as always! Though I wish, of all episodes, this one was longer

I liked the Tim Ferriss episode (scroll down for a long list of relevant links). There's a YouTube video version that segments the episode with chapter headings, allowing you to skip any parts that don't interest you.

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